Moradi, M (2020). Trend analysis and variations of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a in the Persian Gulf. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 156, 111267.

Spatial and temporal variations and trends of SST and Chl-a in the Persian Gulf were evaluated using MODIS data from 2002 to 2018. Trend indicator and key features were built up based on Mann-Kendall test, Hurst exponents and Wavelet Transform (WT) techniques to investigated the volatilities, trend estimation and persistence of original and WT signals. The key features revealed that the Chl-a pattern is heterogeneous in both time and spatial scale, whereas SST pattern is more homogenous. Trend analysis of the study area showed identifiable and sustainable trend with maximum tendency to decrease of Chl-a, and increase of SST. More than 48% of the study area is under slight decrease, and about 20% area mostly located at the northern parts show slight increase of Chl-a values. The presented methodology is applicable to the data signals that keep the range of inter-annual approximation components of DWT not less than scale level-4.