Wang, XF; Wang, XY (2020). Spatiotemporal Fusion of Remote Sensing Image Based on Deep Learning. JOURNAL OF SENSORS, 2020, 8873079.

High spatial and temporal resolution remote sensing data play an important role in monitoring the rapid change of the earth surface. However, there is an irreconcilable contradiction between the spatial and temporal resolutions of the remote sensing image acquired from a same sensor. The spatiotemporal fusion technology for remote sensing data is an effective way to solve the contradiction. In this paper, we will study the spatiotemporal fusion method based on the convolutional neural network, which can fuse the Landsat data with high spatial but low temporal resolution and MODIS data with low spatial but high temporal resolution, and generate time series data with high spatial resolution. In order to improve the accuracy of spatiotemporal fusion, a residual convolution neural network is proposed. MODIS image is used as the input to predict the residual image between MODIS and Landsat, and the sum of the predicted residual image and MODIS data is used as the predicted Landsat-like image. In this paper, the residual network not only increases the depth of the superresolution network but also avoids the problem of vanishing gradient due to the deep network structure. The experimental results show that the prediction accuracy by our method is greater than that of several mainstream methods.