Zhang, X; Zhou, CX; Yuan, LX; Dongchen, E (2020). Blue-Ice Extraction and Classification in Antarctica Using MOA Images. JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH, 188-192.

Using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA) images, areas of Antarctic blue ice were extracted and classified based on the grayscale threshold value of Band 1 MODIS images and the threshold of the surface snow grain size in Band 1 and Band 2 MODIS images. The MOA-based blue-ice area extraction method was verified by tests in blue-ice areas on Grove Mountains, and the MOA-based blue-ice classification method was verified by tests on Queen Maud Land. Highly reliable Antarctic blue-ice distribution maps were obtained in this study, and the blue-ice extent in Antarctica is 188,857-226,628 km(2).