Sobrino, JA; Garcia-Monteiro, S; Julien, Y (2020). Surface Temperature of the Planet Earth from Satellite Data over the Period 2003-2019. REMOTE SENSING, 12(12), 2036.

This is an update of Sobrino et al.'s paper, published in January 2020, which extends the calculation of the Earth's surface temperature to the period 2003-2019 and uses the new version 2019.0 for the sea surface temperature product MODIS, which is available from 15 January 2020 and replaces version 2014.0. The land surface temperature was estimated from the MCD11C1 product for the same period. The results corroborate the temperature anomalies retrieved from climate models and improve the comparison with global annual air temperatures estimated by the NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NOAA-NCDC), with a correlation coefficient of 0.96. In addition, a trend of 0.021 +/- 0.001 degrees C/year increase was found for the Earth's surface temperature in this 17-year period.