Hewison, TJ; Doelling, DR; Lukashin, C; Tobin, D; John, VO; Joro, S; Bojkov, B (2020). Extending the Global Space-Based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) to Tie Satellite Radiances to an Absolute Scale. REMOTE SENSING, 12(11), 1782.

The Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) routinely monitors the calibration of various channels of Earth-observing satellite instruments and generates GSICS Corrections, which are functions that can be applied to tie them to reference instruments. For the infrared channels of geostationary imagers GSICS algorithms are based on comparisons of collocated observations with hyperspectral reference instruments; whereas Pseudo Invariant Calibration Targets are currently used to compare the counterpart channels in the reflected solar band to multispectral reference sensors. This paper discusses how GSICS products derived from both approaches can be tied to an absolute scale using specialized satellite reference instruments with SI-traceable calibration on orbit. This would provide resilience against gaps between reference instruments and drifts in their calibration outside their overlap period and allow construction of robust and harmonized data records from multiple satellite sources to build Fundamental Climate Data Records, as well as more uniform environmental retrievals in both space and time, thus improving inter-operability.