Ledari, DG; Hamidi, M; Shao, YP (2020). Evaluation of the 13 April 2011 frontal dust storm in west Asia. AEOLIAN RESEARCH, 44, 100592.

The dust storm is an important weather event in the Middle East and the frontal dust storms being the most prominent ones in the non-summer seasons. In this research, the 13 April 2011 frontal dust storm in the Middle East is studied in detail. The analysis is based on satellite images, aerosol index, synoptic data, and numerical simulation using the WRF-Chem model. It is estimated that in this event, more than 7.2 Tg dust was emitted from the study area. The dust plume covered northern Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq, Kuwait, and extended northeast across Iran and the Caspian Sea. About 0.3 Tg of the emitted dust was deposited in the study area during 12-13 April. The model simulation shows that the amount of dry deposition in Iran and Saudi Arabia was much higher than in other regions. The model simulations and satellite images are consistent. The combination of the various datasets enables a comprehensive characterization of the frontal dust storm in the Middle East.