Du, BL; Ji, DB; Shi, JC; Wang, YQ; Lei, TJ; Zhang, P; Letu, H (2020). The Retrieval of Total Precipitable Water over Global Land Based on FY-3D/MWRI Data. REMOTE SENSING, 12(9), 1508.

Total precipitable water (TPW) is an important key factor in the global water cycle and climate change. The knowledge of TPW characteristics at spatial and temporal scales could help us to better understand our changing environment. Currently, many algorithms are available to retrieve TPW from optical and microwave sensors. There are still no available TPW data over land from FY-3D MWRI, which was launched by China in 2017. However, the TPW product over land is a key element for the retrieval of many ecological environment parameters. In this paper, an improved algorithm was developed to retrieve TPW over land from the brightness temperature of FY-3D MWRI. The major improvement is that surface emissivity, which is a key parameter in the retrieval of TPW in all-weather conditions, was developed and based on an improved algorithm according to the characteristics of FY-3D MWRI. The improvement includes two aspects, one is selection of appropriate ancillary data in estimating surface emissivity parameter Delta epsilon(18.7)/Delta epsilon(23.8) in clear sky conditions, and the other is an improvement of the Delta epsilon(18.7)/Delta epsilon(23.8) estimation function in cloudy conditions according to the band configuration of FY-3D MWRI. Finally, TPW retrieved was validated using TPW observation from the SuomiNet GPS and global distributed Radiosonde Observations (RAOB) networks. According to the validation, TPW retrieved using observations from FY-3D MWRI and ancillary data from Aqua MODIS had the best quality. The root mean square error (RMSE) and correlation coefficient between the retrieved TPW and observed TPW from RAOB were 5.47 and 0.94 mm, respectively.