Byerlay, RAE; Nambiar, MK; Nazem, A; Nahian, MR; Biglarbegian, M; Aliabadi, AA (2020). Measurement of land surface temperature from oblique angle airborne thermal camera observations. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, 41(8), 3119-3146.

This paper presents a novel airborne remote sensing method using thermal imaging to directly georeference and calculate Earth surface temperature with a high spatiotemporal resolution. A tethered balloon is used to elevate an uncooled thermal camera in the field. When deployed, images with oblique view angles of the surrounding Earth surface are collected. Images recorded from a field environmental monitoring campaign in a northern Canadian mining facility are processed with open source software, and it is shown that they successfully represent the diurnal and spatial surface temperature variations within the facility. Furthermore, in comparison to MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellite images, the approach results in a median absolute error of 0.64 K, with a bias and Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) of 0.5 K and 5.45 K, respectively.