Yu, SS; Rosenberg, R; Bruegge, C; Chapsky, L; Fu, DJ; Lee, R; Taylor, T; Cronk, H; O'Dell, C; Angal, A; Xiong, XX; Crisp, D; Eldering, A (2020). Stability Assessment of OCO-2 Radiometric Calibration Using Aqua MODIS as a Reference. REMOTE SENSING, 12(8), 1269.

With three imaging grating spectrometers, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) measures high spectral resolution spectra (lambda/Delta lambda approximate to 19,000) of reflected solar radiation within the molecular oxygen (O-2) A-band at 0.765 mu m and two carbon dioxide (CO2) bands at 1.61 and 2.06 mu m. OCO-2 uses onboard lamps with a reflective diffuser, solar observations through a transmissive diffuser, lunar measurements, and surface targets for radiometric calibration and validation. Separating calibrator aging from instrument degradation poses a challenge to OCO-2. Here we present a methodology for trending the OCO-2 Build 8R radiometric calibration using OCO-2 nadir observations over eight desert sites and nearly simultaneous observations from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) with sensor viewing zenith angles of 15 +/- 0.5 degrees. For the O-2 A-band, this methodology is able to quantify a drift of -0.8 +/- 0.1% per year and capture a small error in correcting the aging of the solar calibrator. For the other two OCO-2 bands, no measurable changes were seen, indicating less than 0.1% and less than 0.3% per year drift in the radiometric calibration of Band 2 and Band 3, respectively.