Rajmohan, G; Chinnappan, CV; William, ADJ; Balakrishnan, SC; Muthu, BA; Manogaran, G (2020). Revamping land coverage analysis using aerial satellite image mapping. TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES, e3927.

The customary terrestrial survey involves direct measurement of the land dimension in a particular area. The information accuracy of land dimension changes person to person in the existing method. Moreover, it consumes more time to conduct an assessment and produces a precise outcome. Hence, Remote Sensing offers an effective solution for accurate measurement using the Land Satellite Image Mapping with Geographic Positioning System (GPS) values. Therefore, the proposed model concentrates on the analysis of the object using Landsat Image through categorization based on the field cover analysis. The Geographic Information System (GIS) facilitates convenient measurement to determine the land dimension along with Georeferential tag. In addition to that, the features of each object are preprocessed to reduce the noise and the acquired information is stored in the classifier. Also, the features are trained using 2-fold validation, which will improve efficiency during detection. Finally, the soft hyperplane discriminators of Gaussian produce better separation accuracy compared to feature classes and object prediction. Furthermore, the Bag of feature model performance is improved by working on Hue, Saturation, and Intensity color map with multifeatured extractions on the sample images. The proposed model was trained with 1800 image samples of various land covers. On testing, the classifiers aggregate 91.4% accuracy on cross-evaluation between true class and predicted class using medium Gaussian Support Vector Machine.