Song, Y; Wang, J; Yu, Q; Huang, JX (2020). Using MODIS LAI Data to Monitor Spatio-Temporal Changes of Winter Wheat Phenology in Response to Climate Warming. REMOTE SENSING, 12(5), 786.

Understanding spatio-temporal changes in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L) phenology and its response to temperature will be vital for adapting to climate change in the coming years. For this purpose, the heading date (HD), maturity date (MD), and length of the reproductive growth period (LRGP) were detected from the remotely sensed leaf area index (LAI) data by a threshold-based method during the harvest year 2003 to 2018 across the North China Plain. The results show that there was high spatial heterogeneity of winter wheat phenology in pixel scale across the whole area, which could not be detected in previous site-based studies. The results also verified that climate warming could explain part of the change in the HD. However, for the LRGP, the potential impact of non-climate effects should be further investigated. This study presents the spatio-temporal changes both in winter wheat phenology and corresponding mean temperature and then analyzes their relationships in pixel scale. Additionally, this study further discusses the potential impact of non-climate effects on the LRGP.