Liu, L; Li, CF; Sun, XK; Zhao, JJ (2020). Event alert and detection in smart cities using anomaly information from remote sensing earthquake data. COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS, 153, 397-405.

The weak seismic thermal infrared (TIR) anomaly information in offshore earthquake is one of the important contents of earthquake monitoring and event alert and detection of smart cities in coastal areas. To tackle the characteristics of offshore seismic TIR anomaly in the adjacent sea of mainland, this paper proposed a detailed event alert and detection method of offshore earthquake's weak TIR anomaly information in smart cities from moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) data. In this method, the monthly and quarterly brightness temperature background field was first established, and then the offshore seismic TIR anomaly were got by wavelet transform and relative power spectrum method from MODIS data. Finally, the current seismic TIR anomaly in the adjacent sea is analyzed and discussed in terms of space-time changes, sequential variation of power spectrum, relationship between anomaly area and earthquake magnitude, sensor performance and the assimilation of brightness temperature background field. Our experiments present that the distribution of weak seismic TIR anomaly information from remote sensing data is good agreement with the seismic activity fault belts. The results reveal that the weak seismic TIR anomaly information can potentially contribute the event alert and detection the offshore earthquake in the adjacent sea and monitoring earthquake.