Zhou, M; Chen, G; Dong, ZC; Xie, B; Gu, SX; Shi, P (2020). Estimation of surface albedo from meteorological observations across China. AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY, 281, 107848.

Surface albedo is an important parameter in agronomic, physiological, biological, and biogeochemical studies. Ground observations of surface albedo, which are available at only a limited number of stations worldwide, are not applicable for most unmonitored areas. The objective of this study was to develop an analytical model that accounts for the effects of various influencing factors in estimating snow-free surface albedo from standard meteorological observations. Daily measurements of surface albedo during 1993-2015 from 14 meteorological stations were collected to calibrate the model parameters and to examine the performance of the developed model. The comparative results indicated that the calibrated model performed well in ground albedo parameterization across China. The calibrated model was also applied to estimate the surface albedo of a hypothetical reference crop. The simulated results demonstrated that the reference surface albedo was generally less than the specified default constant value of 0.23 and that it exhibited characteristic seasonal and latitudinal variations. The use of the default constant value of albedo rather than the albedo estimated using the proposed model resulted in systematic underestimation of net radiation, especially for low-latitude regions in summer and autumn.