Guo, ZT; Wang, CM; Liu, X; Pang, GW; Zhu, MY; Yang, LH (2020). Accuracy Assessment of the FROM-GLC30 Land Cover Dataset Based on Watershed Sampling Units: A Continental-Scale Study. SUSTAINABILITY, 12(20), 8435.

Land cover information plays an essential role in the study of global surface change. Multiple land cover datasets have been produced to meet various application needs. The FROM-GLC30 (Finer Resolution Observation and Monitoring of Global Land Cover) dataset is one of the latest land cover products with a resolution of 30 m, which is a relatively high resolution among global public datasets, and the accuracy of this dataset is of great concern in many related researches. The objective of this study was to calculate the accuracy of the FROM-GLC30 2017 dataset at the continental scale and to explore the spatial variation differences of each land type accuracy in different regions. In this study, the visual interpretation land cover results at 20,936 small watershed sampling units based on high-resolution remote sensing images were used as the reference data covering 65 countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The reference data were verified by field survey in typical watersheds. Based on that, the accuracy assessment of the FROM-GLC30 2017 dataset was carried out. The results showed (1) the area proportion of different land cover types in the FROM-GLC30 2017 dataset was generally consistent with that of the reference data. (2) The overall accuracy of the FROM-GLC30 2017 dataset was 72.78%, and was highest in West Asia-Northeast Africa, and lowest in South Asia. (3) Among all the seven land cover types, the accuracy of bareland and forest was relatively higher than that of others, and the accuracy of shrubland was the lowest. The accuracy for each land cover type differed among regions. The results of this work can provide useful information for land cover accuracy assessment researches at a large scale and promote the further practical applications of the open-source land cover datasets.