Wang, XT; Zhang, S; Feng, LL; Zhang, JH; Deng, F (2020). Mapping Maize Cultivated Area Combining MODIS EVI Time Series and the Spatial Variations of Phenology over Huanghuaihai Plain. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 10(8), 2667.

Crop phenology is a significant factor that affects the precision of crop area extraction by using the multi-temporal vegetation indices (VIs) approach. Considering the phenological differences of maize among the different regions, the summer maize cultivated area was estimated by using enhanced vegetation index (EVI) time series images from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) over the Huanghuaihai Plain in China. By analyzing the temporal shift in summer maize calendars, linear regression equations for simulating the summer maize phenology were obtained. The simulated maize phenology was used to correct the MODIS EVI time series curve of summer maize. Combining the mean absolute distance (MAD) and p-tile algorithm, the cultivated areas of summer maize were distinguished over the Hunaghuaihai Plain. The accuracy of the extraction results in each province was above 85%. Comparing the maize area of two groups from MODIS-estimated and statistical data, the validation results showed that the R-2 reached 0.81 at the city level and 0.69 at the county level. It demonstrated that the approach in this study has the ability to effectively map the summer maize area over a large scale and provides a novel idea for estimating the planting area of other crops.