Jia, D; Song, CQ; Cheng, CX; Shen, S; Ning, LX; Hui, C (2020). A Novel Deep Learning-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Method for Combining Satellite Images with Different Resolutions Using a Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Network. REMOTE SENSING, 12(4), 698.

Spatiotemporal fusion is considered a feasible and cost-effective way to solve the trade-off between the spatial and temporal resolution of satellite sensors. Recently proposed learning-based spatiotemporal fusion methods can address the prediction of both phenological and land-cover change. In this paper, we propose a novel deep learning-based spatiotemporal data fusion method that uses a two-stream convolutional neural network. The method combines both forward and backward prediction to generate a target fine image, where temporal change-based and a spatial information-based mapping are simultaneously formed, addressing the prediction of both phenological and land-cover changes with better generalization ability and robustness. Comparative experimental results for the test datasets with phenological and land-cover changes verified the effectiveness of our method. Compared to existing learning-based spatiotemporal fusion methods, our method is more effective in predicting phenological change and directly reconstructing the prediction with complete spatial details without the need for auxiliary modulation.