Zhao, FM; Tang, CL; Dai, CM; Wu, X; Wei, HL (2020). The Global Distribution of Cirrus Clouds Reflectance Based on MODIS Level-3 Data. ATMOSPHERE, 11(2), 219.

Cirrus clouds are crucially important to weather, climate and earth energy balance studies. The distribution of cirrus reflectance with latitude and season is an interesting topic in atmospheric sciences. The monthly mean Level-3 MODIS cirrus reflectance is used to analyze the global distribution of cirrus clouds, which covers a period from 1 March 2000 to 28 February 2018. The latitude, from 90 degrees S to 90 degrees N, is divided into 36 latitude zones with 5 degrees interval. Data in each latitude zone are analyzed. The research results show that the slopes of cirrus reflectance variation in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are -1.253 x 10(-4)/year and -1.297 x 10(-4)/year, respectively. The yearly-average cirrus reflectance reveals strong negative correlation with time in the Northern Hemisphere, i.e., the correlation coefficient is -0.761. Then the statistical analysis of cirrus reflectance is performed in different seasons, the results show that cirrus reflectance varies obviously with seasonal change. Additionally, for the [30 degrees, 90 degrees] latitude regions, cirrus reflectance reaches the minimum in summer and the maximum in winter in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.