Jeon, HK; Kim, S; Edwin, J; Yang, CS (2020). Sea Fog Identification from GOCI Images Using CNN Transfer Learning Models. ELECTRONICS, 9(2), 311.

This study proposes an approaching method of identifying sea fog by using Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) data through applying a Convolution Neural Network Transfer Learning (CNN-TL) model. In this study, VGG19 and ResNet50, pre-trained CNN models, are used for their high identification performance. The training and testing datasets were extracted from GOCI images for the area of coastal regions of the Korean Peninsula for six days in March 2015. With varying band combinations and changing whether Transfer Learning (TL) is applied, identification experiments were executed. TL enhanced the performance of the two models. Training data of CNN-TL showed up to 96.3% accuracy in matching, both with VGG19 and ResNet50, identically. Thus, it is revealed that CNN-TL is effective for the detection of sea fog from GOCI imagery.