Wang, XQ; Wang, F; Jia, LL; Ding, Y (2020). Retrieval and validation of aerosol optical depth using GF-1 WFV cameras data. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, 65(3), 997-1007.

Conventional AOD (Aerosol Optical Depth) retrieval is restricted to the global and regional scale due to the limited spatial resolution of satellites. This does not allow for aerosol monitoring at the city level. The Chinese GF-1 Wide Field of View (WFV) sensors have sufficiently fine resolution as a data source for AOD retrieval with fine spatial resolution and a 4-day revisit time. In this study, principles similar to those in the Deep Blue (DB) and Dark Target (DT) algorithms were used to retrieve AOD at 100 m spatial resolution from GF-1 WFV images supported by Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectraradiometer (MODIS) surface reflectance (SR) products (MOD09A1). The derived GF-1 WFV AOD were compared with a combination of MOD04_3K DT AOD and MOD04_L2 DB AOD (MODIS AOD) to find that they yield reasonable Spearman correlations (R-s > 0.82) over Taiwan and Beijing. The derived GF-1 WFV AOD were also validated against Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) AOD; the Spearman correlation values were R-s = 0.911 in Beijing and R-s = 0.858 in Taiwan. (C) 2019 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.