Demidov, AB; Sheberstov, SV; Gagarin, VI (2020). Interannual Variability of Primary Production in the Laptev Sea. OCEANOLOGY, 60(1), 50-61.

Studies of the interannual variability of primary production, surface water temperature, photosynthetically active radiation, and sea ice cover in the Laptev Sea were performed based on MODIS-Aqua data (2002-2018). For a 17-year period, a statistically significant positive trend of surface temperature (R-2 = 0.27) and a negative trend of photosynthetically active radiation (R-2 = 0.24) were established. For the investigated period, the average annual water temperature in the Laptev Sea increased by 1.38 degrees C and photosynthetically active radiation decreased by 3.4 Ein m(-2) d(-1). The ice-free water area extended insignificantly (0.15% y(-1)). The total primary production declined by 1.87 TgC or by 1.4% y(-1). This decline was accompanied by a decrease in area-specific primary production. For the investigated period, the average annual area-specific primary production values declined by 37.4 mgC m(-2) d(-1) or by 1.6% y(-1). The presented results suggest that changes in Laptev Sea primary productivity for the last 17 years were mainly caused by a decrease in photosynthetically active radiation and area-specific primary production rather than the dynamics of the sea ice cover.