George Riggs
Research Scientist, NASA GSFC

Contact Information:
Phone: 301.614.5650

Dr. Riggs began working on development and implementation of the MODIS snow cover algorithms in the autumn of 1989 after graduating from the University of Montana with a Ph.D. in Forestry.    He began with initial development of the MODIS snow cover and sea ice algorithms and has lead analysis, evaluation and revision of the algorithms and products through several collections to the current Collection 6 versions.  In 2012 he began evaluation of the Suomi-NPP VIIRS snow cover algorithms and data products and has adapted the MODIS snow cover algorithm for use with VIIRS data.  Blending of MODIS snow cover extent product with  snow water equivalent (SWE) products from microwave sensors to get a global view of snow cover extent and SWE has also been an active research interest over recent years.