Science Team

Listed below are the all of the MODIS science team members. You may view a team member's biography by clicking any of the hyperlinked names.

MODIS Science Team Leader

King, Michael - MODIS Science Team Leader


Platnick, Steve - Discipline Team Leader

Ackerman, Steve
Davis, Anthony
Fu, Qiang
Gassó, Santiago
Gupta, Pawan
Hsu, Christina
Levy, Robert
Mace, Jay
Norris, Joel
Realmuto, Vincent
Soden, Brian
Tan, Ivy
Varnai, Tamas
Wang, Zhien
Wilcox, Eric
Yang, Ping
Yu, Hongbin



Justice, Chris - Discipline Team Leader

Román, Miguel - Discipline Team Leader

Ackerman, Steve
Bair, Edward
Crow, Wade
Czapla-Myers, Jeff
Didan, Kamel
Franch, Belen
Gao, Feng
Gao, Huilin
Giglio, Louis
Hall, Dorothy
Hulley, Glynn
Lyapustin, Alexei
Myneni, Ranga
Riggs, George
Running, Steve
Schaaf, Crystal
Townshend, John
Vermote, Eric
Wang, Dongdong
Wright, Robert


Franz, Bryan - Discipline Team Leader
Turpie, Kevin - Discipline Team Leader

Balch, William
Behrenfeld, Mike
Frouin, Robert
Gregg, Watson
Knobelspiesse, Kirk
Koner, Prabhat
Kostadinov, Tihomir
Mannino, Antonio
Minnett, Peter
Nelson, Norm
Remer, Lorraine
Siegel, Dave
Stramski, Dariusz
Werdell, Jeremy
Westberry, Toby


Czapla-Myers, Jeffrey

Hook, Simon

Stone, Tom

Support Team

Masuoka, Ed - MODIS Science Data Support Team Leader

Xiong, Jack - MODIS Characterization Support Team Leader and MODIS Project Scientist


Key Former Team Leaders

Esaias, Wayne - Former Ocean Discipline Team Leader
Kaufman, Yoram - Former Aerosol Discipline Team Leader
King, Michael - Former Atmosphere Discipline Team Leader
McClain, Chuck - Former Ocean Discipline Team Leader
Running, Steve - Former Land Disclipline Team Leader
Salomonson, Vince - Former MODIS Science Team Leader