June 2016 MODIS Science Team Meeting - Land Breakout Presentations

June 8, 2016

CEOS Land Product Validation Update
Powerpoint (15 MB) | PDF (15 MB)

Miguel Román

S-NPP VIIRS Land SIPS: Forward Processing and Reprocessing Plan
PDF (939 KB)

Sadashiva Devadiga

Land SIPS: Data Formats and Software Updates
Powerpoint (214 KB) | PDF (350 KB)

Carol Davidson

Sinusoidal Vs. Geographic Projection
PDF (350 KB)

Nima Pahlevan

Development and Validation of a Land Surface Phenology Product from VIIRS
Powerpoint (9.7 MB) | PDF (9 MB)

Xiaoyang Zhang

MAIAC Status
Powerpoint (7 MB) | PDF (3.3 MB)

Alexei Lyapustin