June 2016 MODIS Science Team Meeting - Ocean Breakout Presentations

June 8, 2016

Status of MODIS and VIIRS OC & SST production & distribution
Powerpoint (14.9 MB) | PDF (14.3 MB)

Bryan Franz

Updates on the OCI Chl algorithm
Powerpoint (8 MB) | PDF (9.1 MB)

Chuanmin Hu

Ocean break-out Current advances (and challenges) with the PIC algorithm
Powerpoint (8.8 MB) | PDF (5.9 MB)

William Balch

The OBPG Ocean Surface PAR Product: Evaluation and Future Improvements
PDF (3.7 MB)

Robert Frouin

A Next Generation Net Primary Production Model for Application to MODIS Aqua
PDF (2.6 MB)

Greg Silsbe

VIIRS versus AMSR-2 SST Retrievals:The Effect of Aerosols
PDF (4 MB)

Richard Lindsley

A novel IR cloud detection technique for SST application
PDF (26.7 MB)

Prabhat Koner

Band averaged pure water properties
Powerpoint (436 KB) | PDF (539 KB)

Zhongping Lee

Chl-specific flag?
Powerpoint (5 MB) | PDF (6.1 MB)

Chuanmin Hu