October 2018 MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting - Poster Sessions
MODIS-VIIRS reflectance comparisons on the Atmosphere SIPS
Greg Quinn, Robert Holz, Frederick Nagle, Paolo Veglio, Alexa Ross, Kerry Meyer, Andrew Sayer
PDF (2.9 MB)

Latest Results from the MODIS-VIIRS Cloud Mask (MVCM)
Richard Frey, Steve Ackerman, Robert Holz
PDF (4.9 MB)

Estimating the Regional Bias of MODIS-retrieved Liquid Cloud Droplet Effective Radius through MISR-MODIS Data Fusion
Dongwei Fu, Larry Di Girolamo, Lusheng Liang, and Guangyu Zhao
PDF (8.2 MB)

Seasonal and interannual changes of Arctic MODIS cloud regimes
Dongmin Lee, Lazaros Oreopoulos, Nayeong Cho, Ju-Hong Kim, Sangyoon Jun
PDF (4.4 MB)

Overview of MODIS and VIIRS L1B Top-Of-Atmosphere Reflectances and Radiances Aggregation
V.S. Manoharan, S. Platnick, K. Meyer, B. Ridgway
PDF (11.4 MB)

MODIS Views of the Apparent Relationships Between Morning Aerosol and Afternoon Clouds
Lazaros Oreopoulos, Nayeong Cho, Dongmin Lee
PDF (6 MB)

TIR-Based Volcanic SO2 Science Products for Terra, Aqua, and Suomi NPP
Vincent J. Realmuto
PDF (13.9 MB)

Dark Target Aerosol Retrieval for VIIRS with MODIS Continuity
V. Sawyer, R. Levy, S. Mattoo, G. Cureton, Y. Shi
PDF (7.9 MB)

Yori: A New Gridding Software for Creating Level 3 Products
Veglio, Holz, Gumley, Dutcher, Quinn, Flynn
PDF (6.8 MB)

CHIMAERA System for Cloud Property Retrievals
Wind, Meyer, Platnick, Arnold, Marchant
PDF (22.8 MB)

Calibration and Validation of MODIS and VIIRS using the Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS)
Jeffrey Czapla-Myers and Nikolaus Anderson
PDF (3.4 MB)

On-Orbit Measurement of Focal Length (FL) and Band-to-Band Registration (BBR) of the SNPP and J1 VIIRS Instruments
J. C. Tilton, R. E. Wolfe, G. Lin and J. Dellomo
PDF (852 KB)

On-Orbit Measurement of FL and BBR of the MODIS Aqua and Terra Instruments
J. C. Tilton, R. E. Wolfe, G. Lin and J. Dellomo
PDF (852 KB)

Airborne LUnar Spectral Irradiance (air-LUSI) Mission
Turpie, Brown, Woodward, Gadsden, Cataford, Stone
PDF (7.2 MB)

Worldview/GIBS and the Availability of MODIS and VIIRS Products
Ryan Boller, Minnie Wong, Matt Cechini
PDF (6.3 MB)

Terra Level 1B Data Fusion Product
Larry Di Girolamo, MuQun Yang, Landon Clipp, Guangyu Zhao, and Hyo-Kyung Lee
PDF (8.7 MB)

MODIS and VIIRS Land Products Data Recipes using ORNL DAAC Tools and Services
Jack McNelis
PDF (1.3 MB)

An integrated data platform for retrieval, analytics, and visualization of MODIS & VIIRS land products
Rupesh Shrestha
PDF (13.5 MB)

China and India Lead in Greening of the World through Land-use Management
Chi Chen, Taejin Park, Ranga B. Myneni
PDF (15 MB)

Local Land Surface Temperature Response to the Widespread Earth Greening
Chi Chen, Dan Li, Ranga B. Myneni
PDF (24.9 MB)

NEON AOP Hyperspectral Data In Support of VI Validation
Kamel Didan, Barreto Armando
PDF (3.1 MB)

Mapping Water Use, Phenology and Productivity in Agricultural Landscapes by Fusing Multi-Sensor Data Products
Feng Gao, Martha Anderson et al.
PDF (3.9 MB)

Uncertainties in Collection-6 MODIS and Collection-1 VIIRS cryosphere products
Dorothy Hall, George Riggs, Nick DiGirolamo
PDF (2.4 MB)

Global Investigation of Soil Moisture and Latent Heat Flux Coupling Strength
Fangni Lei, Wade T. Crow
PDF (3.7 MB)

MODIS/VIIRS BRDF Albedo and NBAR Land Surface Products
Crystal Schaaf
PDF (1.5 MB)

Estimation of all-sky instantaneous surface incident shortwave radiation from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer data using optimization method
Yi Zhang, Tao He, Shunlin Liang, Dongdong Wang and Yunyue Yu
PDF (1.5 MB)

NASA’s New VIIRS Level 3 Black Marble Nighttime Lights Product Suite
Tian Yao, Miguel O. Román, Ranjay M. Shrestha, Zhuosen Wang
PDF (585 KB)

How is the Barrow tundra in Alaska responding to climate change?
Qingyuan Zhang, K.F. Huemmrich, E.M. Middleton, Yujie Wang, Mark Carrol, Alexei Lyapustin, D.R. Landis
PDF (1.5 MB)