November 2019 MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting - Plenary Presentations

Status of the Aqua Mission
PDF (5.5 MB)

Claire Parkinson

Status of the Terra Mission
Powerpoint (8.8 MB) | PDF (2.6 MB)

Robert Wolfe

Plans for the 2020 Senior Review of Earth Sciences
Powerpoint (75 KB) | PDF (68 KB)

Jamie Wicks

Terra and Aqua MODIS and VIIRS Instrument Status
PDF (2.9 MB)

Jack Xiong

NASA Headquarters Perspective on MODIS and Suomi NPP
PPT (4.6 MB)| PDF (543 KB)

Paula Bontempi

Outlook from Senior HQ on ESD
PPT (114.6 MB)| PDF (5.8 MB)

Paula Bontempi

MODIS/VIIRS Land Science and Data Analysis

Land Science Overview
Powerpoint (27.3 MB) | PDF (3 MB)

Chris Justice

MODIS and VIIRS Product Status
Powerpoint (12.4 MB) | PDF (1.7 MB)

Sadashiva Devadiga

Integrating Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration
Powerpoint (30.1 MB) | PDF (3.2 MB)

Wade Crow

Snow Water Equivalent (Colorado and Indus Valley)
Powerpoint (178.7 MB) | PDF (2.5 MB)

Ned Bair

China and India lead in Greening of the World through Land-Use Management based on MODIS Leaf Area Index from 2000-2017
Powerpoint (13.5 MB) | PDF (10.2 MB)

Ranga Myneni

NOAA S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Product Updates
Powerpoint (64.4 MB) | PDF (9.5 MB)

Ivan Csiszar

MODIS/VIIRS Ocean Science and Data Analysis

Update on MODIS Seas Surface Temperature
Powerpoint (24.2 MB) | PDF (7.2 MB)

Peter Minnett

Use of SWIR Channels for Daytime Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval
Powerpoint (5.3 MB) | PDF (2 MB)

Prabhat Kroner

Spectral Classification of MODIS and VIIRS Water-Leaving Reflectance
Powerpoint (609 MB) | PDF (14.9 MB)

Ryan Vandermuelen

What's New with Satellite PIC Measurements?
Powerpoint (31.4 MB) | PDF (5.5 MB)

Barney Balch

Refinement of Ocean Color Algorithms for Estimating Particulate Organic Carbon Concentration in Surface Ocean Waters
Powerpoint (22.4 MB) | PDF (5.7 MB)

Dariusz Stramski

Estimating the Fraction of Photosynthetically Available Radiation Absorbed by Live Phytoplankton from MODIS and VIIRS Data
Powerpoint (8.6 MB) | PDF (2.1 MB)

Robert Frouin

MODIS/VIIRS Atmospheric Science and Data Analysis

Aerosol Properties from MODIS and VIIRS
Powerpoint (215 MB) | PDF (5.2 MB)

Christina Hsu

Assessment of Fusion-Based VIIRS IR Absorption Radiances through Comparisons with Aqua MODIS
PDF (2 MB)

Bryan Baum

Sounder Synergy with Imagers for Cloud Top Product Retrievals
PDF (2.7 MB)

Andy Heidinger

Atmosphere SIPS Status and Production Evaluation Infrastructure
PDF (7.8 MB)

Liam Gumley

Continuity of MODIS and VIIRS Cloud Products
Powerpoint (65.8 MB) | PDF (15.3 MB)

Steve Platnick

MODIS/VIIRS Multidisciplenary and Multisensor Science

Characterizing Dust, Dust Deposition, and Ocean Response in the North Pacific
Powerpoint (15.2 MB) | PDF (15.3 MB)

Lorraine Remer

Joint MISR/MODIS Ocean Color Atmospheric Correction with a New Algorithm that Utilizes Reflected Sun Glint
Powerpoint (21.3 MB) | PDF (3.2 MB)

Kirk Knobelspiesser

Overview of the EPS-SG 3MI Instrument and Evaluation of SEVIRI Research Cloud Products with MODIS
PDF (21.5 MB)

Jérôme Riedi

Overview of the Camp2Ex Field Campaign and NRT use of Himawari AHI Geosynchronous Imager Data
Powerpoint (154 MB) | PDF (2.8 MB)

Bob Holz

Long-term Trends in Aerosols and Fires over Indian Sub-continent: Implication to Regional Air Quality
Powerpoint (91 MB) | PDF (6.6 MB)

Pawan Gupta


MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Land
Powerpoint (3.6 MB) | PDF (6.6 MB)

MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Atmosphere
Powerpoint (41 KB) | PDF (29 KB)

MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Ocean
Powerpoint (7.4 MB) | PDF (4.8 MB)