October 2018 MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting - Plenary Presentations

Day 1 Presentations - October 15, 2018

FY18-19 Overview/Summary
Powerpoint (15.9 MB) | PDF (7.2 MB)

Sandra Cauffman

NASA Headquarters Perspective on MODIS and Suomi NPP
Powerpoint (4.5 MB) | PDF (659 KB)

Paula Bontempi

MODIS and VIIRS Instrument Status
Powerpoint (10.9 MB) | PDF (3.2 MB)

Jack Xiong

Assessment of Relative Shortwave Radiometry between S-NPP VIIRS and Aqua MODIS
Powerpoint (8 MB) | PDF (1.8 MB)

Kerry Meyer

Perspectives of Relative Shortwave Radiometry between S-NPP and MODIS Aqua
PDF (5.2 MB)

Bryan Baum

CLIMCAPS: Use of AIRS/AMSU and CrIS/ATMS Continuity Product for Cloud Feedback Studies
Powerpoint (9.4 MB) | PDF (4.2 MB)

Chris Barnet

MODIS/VIIRS Atmosphere Science Algorithm and Data Analysis

The Dark Target aerosol retrieval algorithm: From MODIS to VIIRS (and beyond)
Powerpoint (93.1 MB) | PDF (6.1 MB)

Rob Levy

Aerosol Properties: Deep Blue Extension from MODIS to VIIRS
Powerpoint (20.9 MB) | PDF (3.5 MB)

Christina Hsu
Jaehwa Lee

Biomass Burning and Aerosol Characteristics in India
Powerpoint (77 MB) | PDF (6.3 MB)

Pawan Gupta

Aerosol Properties in Partly Cloudy Regions
Powerpoint (26.3 MB) | PDF (6 MB)

Tamas Varnai

Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo and Layer Height using VIIRS and OMPS-NM
Powerpoint (4.5 MB) | PDF (3.2 MB)

Santiago Gasso

Atmospheric Heating by Black Carbon Aerosols
Powerpoint (3.8 MB) | PDF (3.7 MB)

Eric Wilcox

MODIS/VIIRS Atmospheric Science Analysis

TIR-based Volcanic SO2 Products
Powerpoint (11.8 MB) | PDF (3.6 MB)

Vince Realmuto

Fusion of VIIRS and CrIS Datat to Construct Supplementary Infrared
PDF (12.7 MB)

Bryan Baum

Cloud Detection, Height and Optical Properties: Challenges in Extending MODIS to VIIRS
Powerpoint (32.6 MB) | PDF (10.5 MB)

Steve Platnick

Consistency of Ice Cloud Models in Forward Retrieval and Radiative Forcing
Powerpoint (19.9 MB) | PDF (4.1 MB)

Ping Yang

Type-Dependent Aerosol Impact on Ice Clouds from Satellite Rerievals
Powerpoint (4.5 MB) | PDF (1.3 MB)

Yu Gu

Influence of Volcanic Sulfate Aerosol on Cloud Properties
Powerpoint (99 MB) | PDF (1.1 MB)

Gerald Mace

Day 2 Presentations - October 16, 2018

MODIS/VIIRS Atmospheric Science Analysis

Net Radiative Effects of Dust in the Tropical North Atlantic Based on Integrated Satellite Observations and In Situ Measuremen
PDF (2.3 MB)

Zhibo Zhang
Hongbin Yu

Characterization of Polar Mixed-phase Clouds and Tropical Convective Clouds with Multi-sensor Data fusion
Powerpoint (36.8 MB) | PDF (1.8 MB)

Zhien Wang

Investigating the extratropical cloud optical depth feedback with MODIS, AIRS, CERES and AMSR
PDF (15.9 MB)

Ivy Tan

MODIS Land Science Analysis

Land Introduction and MODIS Maintenance
Powerpoint (11.68 MB) | PDF (1.9 MB)

Chris Justice

S-NPP VIIRS Land Product Overview
Powerpoint (26.3 MB) | PDF (3.8 MB)

Miguel Roman

Global high-resolution land products of downward shortwave radiation and photosynthetically active radiation from MODIS, VIIRS and other data
PDF (1.9 MB)

Dongdong Wang

Global Land Surface Phenology (GLSP) Product from VIIRS
Powerpoint (15.9 MB) | PDF (2.3 MB)

Xiaoyang Zhang

NASA's Black Marble Standard Suite
Zip File (216 MB)

Miguel Roman

VIIRS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Continuity
Powerpoint (18.7 MB) | PDF (8.2 MB)

Glynn Hulley

Day 3 Presentations - October 17, 2018

Phenology and productivity in Agriculture
Powerpoint (10.5 MB) | PDF (5.8 MB)

Feng Gao

Integrating Multi-Platform Satellite Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration Retrievals to Constrain Water and Energy Balance Coupling
Powerpoint (37.2 MB) | PDF (9.4 MB)

Wade Crow

Fusion of MODIS, VIIRS, and Landsat snow cover data to create estimates of snow water equivalent
Powerpoint (10.5 MB) | PDF (1.2 MB)

Edward Bair

Multi-Sensor Analysis of Global Volcanic Thermal Unrest
PDF (3.1 MB)

Rob Wright

Developing a Long-term Global Reservoir Product Series by Fusing Multi-Satellite Observations
Powerpoint (9.3 MB) | PDF (2.5 MB)

Huilin Gao

GEONEX: A NASA-NOAA collaboration in using geostationary satellites for land monitoring
Powerpoint (121.2 MB) | PDF (3.7 MB)

Rama Nemani

MODIS/VIIRS Ocean Algorithms and Science Analysis

Continuity of MODIS & VIIRS Ocean Color Products
Powerpoint (14.9 MB) | PDF (4.8 MB)

Bryan Franz

Joint MISR/MODIS Ocean Color Atmospheric Correction with a New Algorithm that Utilizes Reflected Sun Glint
Powerpoint (12.3 MB) | PDF (2.6 MB)

Kirk Knobelspiesse

Particulate Inorganic Carbon from MODIS
Powerpoint (20.3 MB) | PDF (4.2 MB)

Barney Balch

Estimating the Fraction of Photosynthetically Available Radiation Absorbed by Live Phytoplankton from MODIS and VIIRS Data
Powerpoint (11.6 MB) | PDF (3 MB)

Jing Tan
Robert Frouin

Understanding Airborne Fertilization of Oceanic Ecosystems using MODIS, VIIRS and CALIPSO
Powerpoint (12.2 MB) | PDF (3.4 MB)

Lorraine Remer

MODIS and VIIRS SST: Validation of Continuity Products and Results from Alternative Algorithms
Powerpoint (8.8 MB) | PDF (2.5 MB)

Goshka Szczodrak
Peter Minnett

Use of SWIR Channels for Daytime Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval
Powerpoint (4.3 MB) | PDF (1.6 MB)

Prabhat Koner

Day 4 Presentations - October 18, 2018

MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Land
Powerpoint (8.1 MB) | PDF (1.1 MB)

Chris Justice
Miguel Roman

MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Atmosphere
Powerpoint (101 KB) | PDF (45 KB)

Steve Platnick
Steve Ackerman

MODIS and Suomi-NPP Discipline Summary Report - Oceans
Powerpoint (18.6 MB) | PDF (5.2 MB)

Bryan Franz
Kevin Turpie